About Us

Jaipur Handcraft & Décor named after the Pink City Jaipur aka “World Crafts City” is a manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retailer of Handcrafted Solid Wood Furniture, home décor, all natural Candles & Soaps.

We bring to your doorsteps timeless nature transformed by tireless hands delivering the most exquisite craftsmanship that you can treasure for now and generations to come.

Supporting over 3000 artisans we follow a fair-trade Procurement policy and ensure that our supply chain pledges sustainable economic and environmental benefits to artisans

We draw our inspiration from the hundreds and thousands of artisans who have preserved their cultural heritage inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of the future generations.

This gallery encompasses the finest handmade crafts under one roof ranging from exemplary Sculptures, Paintings, Wood/Bamboo & Cane Craft, Brass / Bronze and Bell Metal Craft, Stone-craft, Terracotta / Blue Pottery / Ceramics & Glass Crafts, Papier Mache figurines, Furniture, Textile Crafts, Home Décor, Perfumery, and Jewelry